Loganlea Fishery
Karen Jack
3 Moffat Avenue
EH19 2JS

Loganlea Reservoir
Pentland Hills Regional Park

FISHERY - 01968 676 329   HOME     - 07412 079 031    EMAIL     - webmaster@loganleafishery.co.uk

Loganlea Fishery Club Booking Policy 

 In the event of cancellation of your booking(s) the following terms will apply: 

  1. In general 3 days notice is required for all cancellations Mon – Fri for up to One boat. Two or more boats require One weeks notice.
  1. Saturday and Sunday day and evening sessions require a minimum period of one weeks cancellation for One boat and Two weeks cancellation for Two boats. Three or more boats being cancelled require One Calendar Month’s notice.

 Single angler boats at the weekend will be charged as a two man boat and subject to weather restrictions.

We will always try to fill any cancellations and provide a refund if this is possible.

ALL cancellations out with the above criteria will be charged for in full.




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