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2014 Reports


As predicted in the last report, we’ve had quite a few larger fish getting caught and despite the blustery conditions last weekend a good few anglers had good returns.  Check out our facebook page for some good photographs of some nice fish  https://www.facebook.com/loganleafishery .  Anthony Keenan took a cracking 9lb rainbow (which is now his record fish) on a flashback damsel nymph.   Others had good results with hot head damsels, yellow dancers and other lures on intermediate lines.   The reservoir is fishing well in all areas.


The fish are more active now the weather has cooled down and some have started to do a bit of fry bashing to bulk up for  winter.  This usually results in some larger fish making an appearance.   Last weekend the fishing was exceptionally good with lures  doing better for most anglers.  Conditions and the fishing has been up and down since then with some days producing good sport and others being more challenging.  Unfortunately, this Saturday was one of the more challenging days and most anglers found it hard going.   I managed to pick up a good fish on the Dam using a black lure and connected with another on a yellow Apps worm.



The road up to the fishery has now been fully repaired – it makes the drive up the glen a real pleasure and you can now enjoy the surroundings without concentrating on avoiding the potholes.

The fishing has been variable with no set tactics bringing greater success.  On Saturday some fine fish were taken including a 7lb Rainbow on a Cats Whisker with an intermediate line and a 5lb Tiger on a Tequila FAB.   The fish were very active but were feeding on very small flies which led to frustration for many anglers.  However, small yellow Owls and lures pulled very fast seemed to attract fish.   I managed 1 fish on a maroon half hog size 16, another on a sunburst FAB and then hooked another when winding in with a Cats Whisker.



IMPORTANT NEWS – The road is being fully repaired next week and we’ve been told that this will take about a week – Anglers are requested to come up for 9am to avoid any delays at the roadworks.   Any short term inconvenience will be far outweighed as folks will no longer have to avoid potholes on the way up to the fishery.

The fishing continues to be very mixed with no particular tactic producing consistent results.   Lures, buzzers, nymphs and dries all accounting for fish in a variety of locations.  Hot Head Damsels, White Rabbits, Diawl Bachs, Snatchers, Daddies – all featuring in returns on either intermediate or floating lines.


Fish have been rising freely over the last few days but anglers have been finding it challenging to match what their feeding on.   Diawl bachs, buzzers, kate mclarens and Daddies have all featured in the returns and fish have been taken in just about all areas.  Things have definitely improved following the warmer period and quite a few heavier fish have been taken.   The weather looks good for the next few days and we expect to see some fry bashing in the near future.



The cooler weather has started to make the fish more active and a wider variety of tactics have been working.  Our fish supplier has also decided to transport some of his larger fish – which he’d been apprehensive to do during the hot weather.  Our weekly stocking last week included a good batch of trophy fish which should bring some tremendous sport to anyone that’s lucky enough to hook one.

Regular Brian Ferrier invited Louise Callow on Saturday – Louise is Captain of the England Ladies Fly Fishing Team and wanted to squeeze in some practice for the UK fly fishing championships this weekend.   She was visiting Edinburgh for the Fringe with her theatre company and found Loganlea provided exactly what she was looking for, and commented “it would be difficult to find a prettier place with such friendly staff and customers”   She promises to be back again next year.

She caught 3 fish on what was a difficult day, her weapon – a foam arsed tequila Blob!   Picture on the left hand gallery shows Louise with her catch + Alex and Stevie our resident instructor.


Fishing on Thursday and Friday was excellent with trout actively feeding on the surface.  Dries produced lots of action with Daddies doing particularly well.   Buzzers also did well when fished on a washing line.   The fish are well dispersed over the reservoir and can be found in most areas.   Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday was terrible and this seemed to put the fish off.  A few hardy soles went out on boats but quickly discovered that the wind was too strong to get an anchor.   Most anglers resorted to the bank and struggled to cast in the strong winds.   Fingers crossed that the weather is kinder over the next few weeks.



Things have finally cooled down and the fish are more active – Consequently, the fishing is much improved and many anglers have had good returns.   Lures, nymphs, buzzers and dries have all featured in the catch returns with Daddies doing well on occasion.    The fishery is now closing earlier as the nights get darker and we are open to 9.30pm – if you plan to arrive after 5.30pm please let us know in advance.



The continuing hot spell makes for difficult fishing and Saturday was almost tropical.  The Rainbow Warriors made the most of the weather by bringing a barbeque, gazebo and quality food and drink.   Only a few fish were caught on buzzers with either sinking or fast glass lines.  Karen’s husband Ian showed everyone how effective this tactic was by catching a fish within 10 minutes of taking a boat out.   He used a bloodworm on the point with 2 buzzers on a fast glass and the fish took the bloodworm.   Mick and I tried the burn end and dam with dry flies, buzzers, lures and nymphs but both blanked and decided to throw in the towel early.   The boats appeared to have better luck with most of the fish taken in the middle area on sinking lines.  The temperature is set to drop a good bit over the next week and this should see the fish more active.



The fishing has remained variable as the weather heats up and cools down.   The fish can still be found near the surface and anglers have managed to attract fish with either dries or small nymphs fished just under the surface.   The cooler water at the burn end holds fish on the warmer days but fish have also been taken from the dam, in front of the cabin and the far away bank.



The fishing has varied greatly from day to day – At the end of last week lures seemed to be more successful on intermediate lines and some anglers did well with yellow dancers and other bright lures.  By Saturday, the fish were back on the surface and smaller snatchers and dry flies brought success to some anglers.    I spent a bit of time at the burn end and managed to attract a couple of fish with a black snatcher and Daddy.   Others had some success with black and red holographic buzzers fished under an indicator.
Over the last few days it has been tougher in the bright sunshine and has fished better during cloudy or rainy periods.   There have been quite a few larger fish introduced over the last few weeks with the weekly stocking and many of these are yet to feature in the returns.


The fish are still taking on or near the surface and anglers have had more success with dries and small nymphs.

Sedges, sedgehogs, hoppers, diawl bachs and crunchers have all featured prominently in the returns.   The weather temperature dropped a few degrees last week and this seems to have improved the fishing.   The fish are well spread across the reservoir and boat and bank anglers have enjoyed successful periods of fishing.


Saturday started off a bit colder than the previous few days and fish were difficult to find.  I tried the burn end in the morning with Mick Mulgrew and struggled to get any takes with dries or nymphs.  Mick eventually tried a olive bug with orange hot head about 3 feet under a bung and managed to get a couple of fish.  I tried the same technique and got some takes but failed to connect with the fish.  We then tried the Dam before lunch and failed to get any further action.  Things improved after lunch when I tried a black hopper at the burn end and got immediate attention.  I went on to take six fish on the same techniques and Mick took his tally to 8 before I left about 3pm.  The boats had taken fish on dries from the surface and some also had success with sinking lines with lures or nymphs.



The fishery is now open until 10pm in the evenings and we’ve had quite a few folks up in the better weather.  The fishing has been quite varied as the conditions change but dries are still the best tactic.  Matching the hatch can be the main challenge – size and colour are the key to success and this seems to vary from day to day.  t the weekend some anglers did well with hoppers and daddies, cormorants and diawl bachs have also accounted for fish.  Fish can be found in all areas.



The most productive tactic over the last week has been dries – Daddies and Sedges.  Mikey McVeigh had a good day on the Dam last Saturday with a single Daddy and managed to get well into double figures.   Fish were also taken on lures, nymphs and buzzers but dries were definitely the most productive.  The bank on the far side and Dam area produced a lot of fish.   The reservoir is now full again and the weather has certainly thrown some mixed conditions at the anglers – please ask at the fishery office for latest tactics, information and flies.



A good mix of larger fish and some Tiger Trout were introduced on Friday.   On Saturday morning the fish were rising everywhere but seemed to be focussed on small flies just under the surface.  This made matching the hatch difficult, but anglers managed to tempt trout with yellow owls, black emergers, buzzers and lures.  I found things difficult in the morning but managed to tempt fish in the afternoon with a small hares ear and a tequila fab.  The rising fish demonstrated just how many fish are around and verified that just about every area is holding fish.  The Rolls Royce club had a good day and one of the members managed a fine 7lb Rainbow on an Ally McCoist.  Another good fish was taken on Sunday with a Yellow Dancer on  a sinking line (despite most of the activity being on the surface).  Check our Facebook page for up to date pictures and reports.


The weather turned cold on Saturday and dries were not quite as successful as earlier in the week.  Fish were taken on a variety of tactics including lures, buzzers, nymphs and FABs.  My own club – Gilmerton Bowlers Fly Fishers had a good day with all but 2 of the club getting full bags – Unfortunately, I was one of them with 2 fish.   The outing was won by Colin Broadhead (aka Nobby) with 3 fish for 12lb 12ozs.  Nobby took his fish on his own cats Whisker from the area in front of the cabin.   The dam area and bank on the far side both fished well and dries worked betterin the afternoon with Daddies and sedge patterns managing to raise fish.   The boats seemed to be doing well with sinking lines and blobs or FABs fished with slow retrieves.

The water is still about 1.5 meters lower than normal but the valve has now been closed by the water board and things should return to normal levels.



A large stocking of fish went in on Friday including some nice Tiger Trout.  One of these was caught and released from the burn end within a few hours.  The water level is about 3 feet down on usual as the work continues at Glencorse. The Dam fished well on Saturday morning and some anglers were into double figures using Cats Whiskers.   Lures seemed to be the most successful tactic – yellow dancer, f### up, damsel – on intermediate lines. Some fish were also taken with buzzers (black) and snatchers.



Fished well over the weekend, despite the changeable weather conditions.   Lures did particularly well with one of the clubs doing particularly well with a new fly which accounted for lots of fish – We were so impressed that we’ve got some of these tied up and you can buy them from the cabin.

Cormorants and dries also accounted for fish and slow intermediate or sink tip lines were most productive.   The fish are now well dispersed over the reservoir and all areas are holding fish.


Saturday brought colder weather with a light westerly wind and the fish seemed to prefer a very slow or static retrieve.

The burn end held lots of fish and regulars Thomas and Christian took lots of fish on FABs (yellow and sunburst) with buzzers fished very slowly.  Carluke Angling Club had a good day out and many members bagged up early on a variety of tactics – Lures (damsels & yellow dancers), nymphs (diawl bachs, black snatchers) and buzzers (Dennis the Menace) all featured in the returns.  The area in front of the cabin was also popular and anglers picked up fish  on hot head damsels.


Fishing well with buzzers doing particularly well and the fish are now well dispersed over the reservoir and actively seeking food.   On Saturday Seafield AC had a good day with everyone bagging up.  Mr Baird won his club outing with 3 fish for 11lb one of which was a cracking 6lb 8oz blue. Lures and Fabs have also featured in the returns with anglers catching on midge tips, floating and intermediate lines.   On occasion dries are also doing well and anglers are best to ask at the cabin to see what tactics are working best.


The weather looks to be settled over the next few days with high pressure dominating.  Fishing tougher over the weekend with quite strong winds that made casting difficult.  Friday had been excellent with buzzers and lures doing well and some anglers getting into double figures..  A nice 15lb fish was caught in front of the cabin last week on a Dennis the Menace buzzer – see photograph opposite.



The fishery was quite quiet on Saturday after being busy on some of the days through the week.  The fish seemed more interested in smaller nymphs and buzzers and some anglers did well at the area near the white post at the burn end and in front of the cabin.   The Dennis the Menace buzzer (available in from the cabin) accounted for lots of fish and finding the right depth seemed to be the key to success.  The fish were lying about 6 feet down and seemed to be taking on the middle dropper when straight lining buzzers or under a bung at the right depth.   Lures also accounted for some fish and Mick Mulgrew had a good spell on an Apps Bloodworm (White & Green) on a long leader fished very slowly.   The water has returned to near normal levels at Loganlea, although Glencourse is well down as repairs continue.


The fish are now better dispersed over the reservoir and the boats have had good returns.  Over the last few days the fish have been quiet high in the water and floating lines have proved to be the best option.  Buzzers, Lures and Nymphs have all featured in the catch returns with some anglers even managing fish on dry flies.  The water has been dropped quite a bit but the reservoir is now filling back up after the run off valve has been closed.


Once again the weekend proved to be windy but most anglers that braved the elements were rewarded with fish.  The most successful tactic was an intermediate line with a single fly (black and green lure) on a long leader.  The fish were accumulated at the burn end not far from the white posts and some anglers managed double figure returns.   Others reported success with black buzzers and smaller nymphs but lures.

I missed out on Saturday but managed to join Alex for a quick fish on Monday – the weather was still windy and cold but we managed to tempt fish with the Ally McCoist fly which I tried for the first time.   Alex also took fish on the same fly, so I snapped up a few of these flies from the cabin – there’s still one or two left for those that get in first.


Gale force winds on Saturday kept most anglers away and those that did attempt to fish left early after brief struggle with the strong winds.

Sunday was more settled and most anglers had a good day with some even catching fish on dry flies!  The burn end was most productive with buzzers and small nymphs featuring in the returns.  Hot head damsels and black lures also accounted for fish on intermediate or sink tip lines.

The weather forecast looks more settled for the rest of the week with bright spells and light winds through to Thursday.



The fishery opened yesterday and the weather was reasonably kind with a light westerly wind, but still quite cold.

The fish weren’t in the most cooperative of moods but most anglers managed some action.

The burn end was busy early on with regular anglers hoping that the fish stick to their regular habit of migrating towards the shallow end at the start of the season.  This didn’t appear to be the case and fish were caught around the reservoir.  I was joined by Bob, Mick and Steve to try the area in front of the cabin and got a few takes straight away with Black & Green  lures fished slowly on an intermediate line.  Given that the burn end was busy, we decided to try the dam end and managed to tempt a fish with a hot head Damsel.  By the time we headed back to the cabin – Steve had caught and released at least 4 fish using a white bug with orange bead about 7 feet under an indicator.  We followed his lead and had varying degrees of success.   We eventually discovered that the right depth was about 10 feet under the bung and most of the takes were very slow and resulted in dropping quite a few fish.   The boats seemed to be doing reasonably well and regulars Jake and David were catching fish on intermediate lines using small yellow dancers with a slow figure of eight retrieve.

Our casting instructor Steve Culbert has now given us some dates for free casting lessons and you can get details under the casting section.  We’ve also got a new selection of flies (lures, buzzers and nymphs) from Tom Gray who tied the white bugs mentioned above – these are available from the cabin.

Best wishes for the 2014 season.


Only a few weeks until the fishery opens and look forward to welcoming regulars and new faces.