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2015 Reports


Some fish are now chasing the fry as we move into the autumn and anglers have had better results with lures.   Yellow Dancers, Cats Whiskers and Damsels have done well under the right conditions.  The burn end has fished better than the Dam recently but fish have been taken all over the reservoir.   We’ve now got most of the boats out in preparation for the close season.    The club bookings are coming in now for next season so drop us an email or  call to find out about availability.



The weather has been more settled this week and much colder in the mornings.  This has encouraged the fish to be more active and the fishing has improved.   Anglers have done well with Cormorants, Damsels, Cats Whiskers and Buzzers featuring in the returns.  Floating lines with a steady figure of eight retrieve have been most productive and fish have been taken all over the reservoir.  We’re now starting to take some of the boats out for the winter and we’re closing in the evenings as the light fades.



About 30 Anglers joined us last Saturday for the Alex Jack Memorial Competition last Saturday.  Everyone had a great day with the fishing sponsored courtesy of Ferrier Pumps, flies supplied by Tom Grey and Dougie Taylor with food provided by   Davey Naismith .  A trophy was also provided by  Andy McBeth  and lots of additional prizes donated by Karen.  Anglers had the choice of bank or boat and set off in search of fish about 9am and broke at lunch time to enjoy the soup and stovies.   The fishery had been stocked as usual the day before and the fish farm donated some large specimens to spice the day up.    Unfortunately the fish resisted the temptation to play ball and played hard to catch – by lunch time it was apparent that most people would struggle to get anywhere near the 15 fish maximum on the score card.   Billy Brown managed 3 by lunch time with a number of others chasing him with 2 fish.    The afternoon continued in the same vein and Billy Brown took the trophy with 4 fish.  Ian McNicol Snr managed to hook into one 10lb specimen and ended up with the largest fish on the day.   Dougie Taylor finished in second place with 3 fish and was closely followed by several angers who took 2 fish.   The fish were taken on a variety of tactics – buzzers, blobs and lures (mainly on midge tip or floating lines).

Alex is fondly remembered by all the Anglers and we thought it would be appropriate to start a collection for a memorial bench – this was kicked off by most of the participants donating £10 and we hope to get to our target of £500 which will allow us to purchase a memorial bench with plaque that can be sited on the bank at Loganlea for all to enjoy.  Karen is holding the Kitty at the fishery and we would welcome additional donations which can be left with Karen to help us meet our target .

The settled weather with colder nights seems to be bringing the fish on over the last few days so the fishing is improving and lots of large fish introduced over the last few weeks should start to feature in the returns.



Fishing has been challenging at times and anglers have struggled to find fish on occasions.   I visited on Saturday and started off at the burn end with a midge tip line, halo blob and 2 cormorants.  I was luck enough to connect with 4 fish before lunch time using a slow figure of 8 retrieve and missed quiet a few more fish.   The boat anglers seemed to be struggling and resorted to using a variety of tactics.  Consequently, fish were taken on lures and nymphs using intermediate and sinking lines.  Similar conditions have been experienced during this period in previous years and the fish will suddenly switch on and the sport will improve.

The fishery will be closed to the public for a private competition this Saturday 26th September.



We’ve had a good stock of fish introduced again last week – this included quiet a few Tiger Trout and some Brown Trout.   The fishing usually improves as we move into September and cooler temperatures prevail.   We’re hoping to see more top of the water action stimulated by Daddies but nymphs and lures have been the best tactic on floating and intermediate lines.   Flies featuring in the catch returns include: crunchers, diawl bachs, damsels and dancers.  Some anglers have also had success with Halo Blobs/FABs.   Fish have been taken in all areas but the area in front of the cabin, the dam and far bank have produced more action for anglers.


When the conditions are right, there’s lots of movement on the surface and fish can be seen rising all over the reservoir.  However, anglers have found it tough to match whatever the fish are taking.   Some have had success with small black flies, yellow owls or Daddies but the fish seem to vary their preferences so trying a range of tactics seems to be the best approach.  There have also been fish taken with OkayDokays, lures and crunchers – Again at varying depths.   A fresh stock of fish will be introduced today and the cooler weather should encourage more activity.   The fishery is now open until 8.30pm in the evening.



Fishing has been varied over the last week with the fish sometimes less cooperative than usual but some good bags have been reported.    Saturday was one of the tougher days but some good fish were still taken by anglers.   I spent a bit of time at the Burn end and struggled to catch fish but Mick Mulgrew managed 4 fish on Damsels and buzzers.    I changed tactics in the afternoon and picked up a couple of fish at the Dam end on a damsel bug and a black hopper.   A nice Brown trout about 3lb took the damsel bug which I’d shamelessly fished about 4ft under a bung.   The more settled weather should bring more top of the water action.  Please note that the fishery remains on shorter hours 9-5pm for the remainder of this week and will be closed on Friday.



The fishery will be closed again tomorrow and will reopen this Saturday from 9.00am-5.00pm.   We hope everyone understands the exceptional circumstances as per the note below.

12-08-2015 – We are extremely sad to announce that Alex, the previous owner of the fishery and father of Karen passed away this afternoon from complications following a cardiac arrest last week. The fishery will be closed tomorrow 13th August and we will post a further update then.


The weather on Saturday was again cold and only a few hardy anglers fished the bank with mixed results.   A couple of nice brown trout featured in the catch returns and one angler reported returning a fine specimen about the 5lb mark.   We introduced a good number of Brown trout over the last few weeks along with some fine blue, tiger and rainbow trout.   Tactics continue to vary with the conditions and we suggest anglers ask at the Cabin for the latest update.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to close the fishery from the 3rd-5th August due to unforeseen circumstances – The fishery will open again on the 6th of August.  We will organise regular checks over the closed period.



The fishing followed the direction of the golf on Saturday with wind stopping play for everyone.  Sunday was much better and folks did well on dries – small black spiders, Daddies and yellow owl patterns all featured prominently in the returns.   Lures don’t seem to be attracting many fish and anglers are getting better results with smaller nymphs on floating, midge tip or intermediate lines.   The fish are well distributed and have been taken in all areas.   The weather is still very changeable so  I’d suggest you ask what tactics are working on a particular day when you purchase your permit.


The fish have generally been more active when the weather is more settled and there has been good rises when the conditions are right.    A variety of tactics have been used to pick up fish with dries (sedges, yellow owls and Daddies), Lures (Black, Hot Head Damsels and Cats Whiskers),  Snatchers (Black & Olive) and Buzzers (Black, Orange & Olive) all featuring prominently in the returns.   I picked up 4 fish on Saturday morning with Orange, Black & Yellow FABs using a floating line at the burn end – Generally the fish seemed to prefer the FABs either static or a very slow figure of eight retrieve on a floating line.   I also hooked and lost a good fish on the far side across from the Cabin.


The better weather has brought more anglers out in the evenings with the promise of some surface action.  The best tactics were sedges or yellow owls but bubble caddis and a variety of dry flies also featured in the catch returns.   Anglers on Friday reported good returns with quiet a few getting into double figures with sedges.   Check out our Facebook page for some nice photos of the bigger trout.  Our stocking on Friday included some nice Tiger trout and quite a few 5lb+ Blue trout so things looked promising for Saturday.  However, the weather turned slightly colder and a strong breeze lasted most of the day.   This meant that lures were more productive and black or a combination of black and green on intermediate or floating lines produced fish.   Mick Mulgrew picked up 4 fish using a black lure at the burn end over his morning session and two of the trout turned out to be Tigers.   The forecast for this week looks positive and should bring lots of surface action again.



The fishing over the majority of last week was good with lots of action on top of the water.  When it got to the weekend, the fish became a bit more fussy.   The colder front forced the fish down a bit – although, some were quite happy to come up and take something off the surface.   Some anglers did well with fishing yellow owls and waiting for a fish to come up.  One angler with the Rainbow Warriors picked up a nice fish about 7lbs from the far shore.   I had a spell down at the burn end and managed a couple of fish on an Orange FAB with a slow figure of eight retrieve.  Mick Mulgrew used an intermediate line with an orange snatcher and also managed a couple of fish.



The sun continued to shine for most of last week and the fish were active on the surface.   One boat had 35 fish on dry flies during an evening session and anglers took fish on sedges, hoppers and varieties of CDC.   The good weather also encouraged more visitors and the fishery was busier than previous weeks.

Saturday brought cooler weather and the fish preferred deeper water.  Consequently, the boat anglers did better than the bank anglers using intermediate lines with lures or nymphs.   Some anglers did well with buzzers from the Dam but most of the bank anglers found the conditions challenging.   The weather looks to warm up again over the course of this week and we should see plenty of surface action.      Some of the bigger fish introduced in the last few weeks have yet to feature in the reports so we hope to see some double figure trout caught over the next couple of weeks.


The weather has improved quite a bit and the fly life has encouraged lots of surface action.   Yesterday quite a few of the anglers reached double figures with dry flies for the first time this year.  Sedge type patterns attracted lots of trout and some anglers managed to hook into some of the larger residents using this tactic.  Others have had success with lures – grizzle cats and cats whiskers (both available in the cabin).

A nasty incident was averted yesterday when Karen’s son Lewis rescued an angler in difficulty – With no thought for his own safety he jumped in and saved the day.   See more information on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LoganleaFishery



Ferrier Pumps hosted their Corporate Day on Friday and all of the guests had a good day with quite a few getting into double figures.

Saturday brought some long awaited better weather and the fishing continued to be good with anglers catching fish with Cats Whiskers, Damsels, Buzzers and dries.   The banks anglers did well at both ends of the reservoir and quite a few larger fish are featuring in the returns.   Mick Mulgrew managed to get broken three times by large fish and he finished up with 8 fish taken on Tweezies (available in the Cabin) and black buzzzers.   The fish are still near the surface and most anglers had success with floating lines – A few also reported success with DI3 lines and orange blobs.



The weather continues to vary from day to day and Saturday brought gusty winds, rain, sunshine and sleet all in one day.   Despite this, the fishing was good with most anglers catching fish.   I tried a few casts at the burn end and started with a yellow FAB on the point with a black buzzer and bibio on the droppers and caught a fish straight away.    Letting the flies drift round in the wind with a very slow figure of eight seemed to work best.  Mick Mulgrew had tried the dam end, casting into the wind and had better results at the burn end with a black lure fished slowly.   The fish are in excellent condition and I was lucky enough to hook into a double figure specimen which took a black buzzer.



Some of the bank anglers did well on Saturday managing to get into double figures on buzzers and FABs.    Brown and Dennis the Menace buzzers with sunburst FABs on the point featured in the catch returns.   On Sunday, a lot of anglers did well with Ally McCoist lures on intermediate lines – this created a bit of a run on the fly and we quickly sold most of our stock.  Fish have been taken all over the reservoir – both ends, the far bank and the area in front of the cabin have produced lots of fish.   The weather is still unseasonably cold but the insect life is slowly developing and one or two fish have been taken with dries under the right conditions.  Fingers crossed for some warmer conditions…..


Saturday was extremely cold – about 6.5 C and more like winter than spring.    The cold weather suppressed the majority of surface action and most anglers started off with lures.   I tried the burn end and eventually tried a FAB on a floating line with a Diawl Bach and Cormorant on the droppers.   This brought immediate success and I managed 7 fish in quite a short session.   The boats had more success with Damsels and other lures.   The Dam end had been fishing well but the Easterly wind moved a lot of the fish to the burn end.



During brighter spells, the fish have been further down and anglers have had more success with intermediate lines using lures.   This is probably down to the number of minnows and fry that are now active and the fish are now better distributed over the reservoir as the natural feeding has developed. There has also been lots of fish taking flies from the surface when the conditions have been more overcast but it has proved difficult to match the hatch.   Anglers using small shipman’s buzzers in black or olive have had most success and the boats are now taking as many fish as bank anglers.    Cormorants, snatchers and Diawl Bachs have also featured in the catch returns with midge tip or intermediate lines.


Buzzers produced lots of fish for anglers on Friday – black with pink or red cheeks worked well.   I visited on Saturday and was joined by Mick along with regulars Billy and Kenny.   Mick got off to a flying start and never looked back – He was well into double figures by lunch time and finished with over 20 fish.   His setup consisted of a FAB on the point (Black or Biscuit) with 2 buzzers (Black) on the droppers with a floating line.  I faired poorly in comparison – even when using the same tactics, only managing a few fish.   Kenny managed about 8 fish and Billy 6 on various tactics including lures (Yellow Dancer), Shipman’s and epoxy buzzers.   Alan Burns and a few other tried the Dam after starting at the Burn end.   Alan was on a 4 hour ticket and ended up with 14 fish taken on a white cat bug under a bung!   In general the bank anglers are doing better than the boat anglers but the fish are now starting to move into all areas as the weather warms up.



Saturday was extremely quiet because of the strong gales and we only had a handful of visitors.   The fishing was productive for those that braved the weather.  Mick Mulgrew ended up with 8 fish taken from the burn end and the area in front of the cabin on a black bug under a bung.

Sunday was much kinder and fish were taken on a variety of tactics including buzzers.  Paul Irvine from Edinburgh took a nice 8lb rainbow on a black and red buzzer.   Fingers crossed that next weekend brings better weather.



Over the last week the fishing has varied from day to day.  I tried my luck on Saturday and started off at the burn end using a pink and yellow bug about 4 feet under an indicator.  This provided some good sport with a couple of fish and lots of takes.  I then changed to an intermediate line with a hot head Damsel after watching Mick Mulgrew get lots of attention with the same setup. I was immediately into fish and managed to pick up a further 4 in quick succession with a fast figure of eight retrieve.   Mick created some excitement when he hooked into a big fish that immediately took most of his line before shaking the hook.

I managed another 4 fish on a variety of tactics before breaking for lunch.   I then decided to try a FAB on the point with a couple of Nymphs on the droppers and was rewarded with a strong take.    The fish was similar to Mick’s earlier one and took lots of line before shaking the hook.

Others managed fish on different lures including Dancers, Cormorants and Apps Bloodworms.

The fishery is back to a weekly stocking on a Friday and some monster fish have been introduced over the last few weeks.



The wind changed to a cold easterly on Saturday and this made the fishing harder than it’s been over the last couple of weeks.   There was still good sport for anglers and quite a few managed good catches.   Most of the fish were taken at the burn end but the area in front of the cabin also fished well.    Fish were taken on a variety of methods including buzzers, lures and nymphs.   Some did well with indicators with bugs and brightly coloured buzzers about 6 feet under the bung.   Damsels and black lures on intermediate lines also worked well.

We’ve now got some dates arranged for free casting lessons – The first session is on 6th April from 2pm-6pm (get more information under our casting instruction section on the menu).



Fishing has continued to be good, even the strong winds and rain hasn’t put too many anglers off.   A variety of lures, nymphs and buzzers have featured in the returns for anglers using either intermediate or floating lines.   Cormorants, damsels and hares ears have attracted lots of resident and recently stocked fish.   We’re now stocking the fishery weekly and some impressive large fish have been introduced.  The over wintered fish are easy to identify from their slim profiles and large tails.

The road up to the fishery is in excellent condition after the comprehensive resurfacing at the end of last year.  Anglers are reminded to take care on the way up to the fishery as we come into lambing season.


We also stock a full range of all the latest flies and have a few lines for sale at bargain prices.


The weather was kinder than forecast and we had a good number of bank anglers and boats out yesterday.  The best action was at the burn end and quite a few of the anglers got double figure returns.   The tactics varied – buzzers, loop bloodworms and damsels all featured in the catch returns with either floating or intermediate lines.  I started in front of the Cabin and picked up an overwintered fish with my second cast before venturing down to the burn end.   I managed another 10 before lunch time – mainly on a pink loop bloodworm but also caught fish on a hot head Damsel.  After lunch I tried the Dam end and managed a fish at the far corner of the dam on a hot head damsel.   The boats also picked up fish but not in the same quantities as the bank anglers



Only 4 days to go until our opening day on Saturday.  We’ve got some large specimens (fish) joining the overwintered Rainbows before the weekend.  Look forward to welcoming old and new faces….  Good luck to everyone for the new season