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2016 Reports


About 30 Anglers joined us again for the Alex Jack Memorial Competition last Saturday.  Everyone had a great day with everyone contributing £10 towards the fishing which provided prizes for the lucky winners.  Food was kindly provided by   Davey Naismith and everyone was treated to soups, stovies and cake at lunch time.  Billy Brown reluctantly returned the trophy that was provided last year by  Andy McBeth  and lots of additional prizes donated by Karen.  Anglers had the choice of bank or boat and set off in search of fish about 10am and broke at lunch time to enjoy the soup and stovies.   The fishery had been stocked as usual the day before and some large specimens have been introduced over the last few weeks..    Unfortunately (as last year) the fish resisted the temptation to play ball and played hard to catch – by lunch time it was apparent that most people would struggle to get anywhere near the 15 fish maximum on the score card.   Billy Brown, last years winner failed to catch a fish by lunch time and myself and Mick Mulgrew  didn’t expect to be in the lead with 2 fish each .    We had managed to get into fish at the shallow end using FABs and small boobies when the competition started.  However, the weather changed quickly and the bright conditions made the fish really difficult to catch.  In the afternoon I managed to catch another fish on a Cormorant which took me into the lead, only to see Mick catch 2 other fish in quick succession with an Ally McCoist.  Mick ended up in first place, myself second and Steven Smith third.


Alex is fondly remembered by all the Anglers and we all clearly recall his banter and jokes.


It was nice to see Joyce and Misty turn up on the day to help out and everyone wants to thank Karen for doing a great job of organising things and supplying the prizes.


The settled weather with colder nights seems to be bringing the fish on over the last few days so the fishing is improving and lots of large fish introduced over the last few weeks should start to feature in the returns.


Nymphs, buzzers and FABs have been most successful with Diawl Bachs, Crunchers and Snatchers all featuring in returns.  Biscuit, Orange and Fusion FABs on either midge tip or floating lines have all worked.


We’ve had lots of surface action over the last week and fish have been caught on a variety of flies.  Dries, nymphs, buzzers and lures all feature in the returns.  Fish are well distributed and have been taken in all areas.  Floating and midge type lines are still the most effective.



Biscuit FABs were doing really well over the course of last week and accounted for lots of fish on floating or midge tip lines.   Saturday was more challenging with a strong westerly wind and the fish as the fish moved down in the water.  On Saturday, I tried various tactics without success before Mick Mulgrew discovered that a black lure on an intermediate line worked.  Others took fish on a variety of lures including Ally McCoist’s, Black Dancers and White Rabbits.   Earlier in the week dries and nymphs including Daddies, Yellow Owls and Crunchers accounted for fish.  Fish are well distributed and can be found in all areas.


Things have continued to improve as the weather has cooled.  Saturday was breezy but the fish were just under the surface and FABs, cormorants, diawl bachs and bibios featured in the returns.   Red and black buzzers and bloodworms also took fish.   The weather outlook looks more settled with reasonable temperatures.



The fishing has picked up in the last few days with anglers doing well with plenty of surface action.  The fish have been rising more freely after some challenging conditions with the warmer weather and some breezy days making things difficult.   Anglers have been doing well with bibios, fabs, dries and diawl bachs on floating or midge tip lines.  The outlook for the weekend looks good.   Hoppers and Daddies also feature in the returns along with damsels and a variety of crunchers and nymphs.  The fish are well distributed with the area opposite the cabin and both ends fishing well.



The weather on Saturday was settled with some rain showers.  The fishing during the week had been focussed on surface action with Black hoppers doing really well.   However, Saturday was more challenging with only the occasional rise.  I started with a couple of dry flies and this attracted a few fish to swirl at the flies but no connections.  I then switched to a hares ear and picked up a couple of fish – All the takes happened just as the flies landed on the water!

Mick Mulgrew picked up a fish on a biscuit FAB  then quickly dropped a couple of other fish and some anglers also did well on a Hot Head Damsel with a floating line.


The fishing continues to be good with lots of surface action. Dries and small nymphs are most productive and the fish are now well distributed over the reservoir.  We’ve introduced some special holiday deals for July – £2 off all tickets (Monday-Friday) & Children go free when accompanied by an adult (adult fish limit shared).



The fishing has been good over the last week with lots of surface action.  I visited on Saturday and managed 3 fish on dries at the burn end on a shipmans buzzer and a mayfly.   I missed 3 times as many which was quite frustrating but the quality of the fish was excellent.  I had been at Carron Valley the previous week with my club and managed to win the outing with 3 fish for just under 5lbs.   My first fish at Loganlea was a good match for my 3 fish from the previous week.   After lunch I had lots of action on snatchers in black and claret fished with a slow figure of eight on a floating line.   Others were catching fish on similar tactics and one angler had great success using a float tube down the far bank.    Mick Mulgrew managed to get well into double figures using one of Alex’s flies the big and ugly!



The weather has been bright and settled over the last week or so and this has made fishing more challenging.   There’s been lots of fish rising in the dam area but again, it’s been difficult to find out what they’re taking.   On Saturday some anglers had great success with size 14/16 black dry flies. Anthony Keenan managed 10 fish in a short session using a size 16 dry fly.  I had some success early on using a hares ear and others had fish using FAbs and later managed fish on a bloodworm and small black buzzer on a washing line rig.  A fresh stock of fish will be arriving before the weekend to liven up the residents…….



Saturday started with a bang – the fish seemed happy chasing anything near the surface and the first hour or so brought lots of action using FABs and muddlers.   The fish then seemed to focus on something that most anglers found challenging to match – It was frustrating to see so many fish rising but refusing what was put in front of them.     The odd fish was picked up using buzzers, FABs or small nymphs and the fish were moving freely all over the reservoir.   Mick Mulgrew and I tried the Dam wall for the first time and were surprised by the number of fish freely rising – at times it looked as if the water was boiling.  Connecting with the fish was a bigger challenge and I managed some action on a small hares ear on a floating line.   We both tried various dries and some attracted interest but no solid connection.   Some of the boats were doing well with lures in the middle of the reservoir but the majority of fish seemed to be taking very small black flies.   Mick had more success in the afternoon with a pink and white small FAB and Thomas, one of our regulars had success with a yellow owl emerger.   The fish are now well dispersed across the reservoir and most of the action is taking place in the top couple of feet with the weather looking settled over the next few days – this shouldn’t change too much.  The fish are in great condition and providing a challenging fight.



Despite the blustery conditions, the bank anglers on Saturday had good returns with Hot Head damsels and buzzers featuring in the catch returns.   The area down by the burn was again the most productive but some also had good results on the far bank.  Sink tip or dry lines with a steady figure of eight worked best.   The fishery was stocked on the Saturday afternoon and this usually stimulates further action.



Saturday was my first opportunity to fish Loganlea for a few weeks and it turned out to be my best outing this year.  I started off at the burn end with Mick Mulgrew and Steve Culbert and kicked off with an orange FAB and 2 black and silver buzzers.  I managed 5 fish in my first 3 casts including 2 double hook ups.   The fish took the buzzers and then other went for the FAB on the point as the hooked fish darted around.   All of us got into double figures by lunch time – Steve ended up with 25 fish taken on buzzers and a biscuit midget gem, Mick also got 25 on a green and orange FAB and I got to 20 fish using similar tactics.   The fish are now better distributed over the reservoir and I also hooked up with fish in front of the cabin and had takes all along the road shore.   Ian and Lewis fished straight line buzzers from a boat and also had a good bag of fish.   All in all – a great day fishing with some good fish and Tigers featuring in the returns.   The weather was bright and settled.



The weather now looks set to be a bit warmer.  Last weekend anglers were welcomed with snow which developed into a bright but cold day.   The photo on the left highlights how nice the surroundings are when the weather is unseasonably cold.   Not surprisingly, winter type tactics have been more successful with anglers taking fish on bloodworms, lures and buzzers.  On Saturday one angler had 10+ fish on a bloodworm tied with elastic bands and the burn end remains more productive.  Boats are having more success with drifts down the far bank where black, orange and pink buzzers have all produced good results.  The warmer weather forecast over the next few days should encourage more top of the water action with dries starting to feature in the returns.



Buzzers (black, orange and olive) are taking lots of fish for anglers and the fish have been taken in all areas.  Floating or midge tip lines are all that’s required with very slow retrieves.   Some excellent fish about the 10lb mark have been caught recently (see our Facebook page) and Tiger’s also feature prominently in the catch returns.  The evenings are fast becoming lighter which will allow evening sessions and the weather is set to get warmer over the next few days.   Ferrier Pumps corporate day last Friday was a big success with most of the participants catching fish.



The fish are still more easily found near the edges of the reservoir but are now better distributed as they start to feed on naturals.  Buzzers, diawl bachs and nymphs are outperforming lures with black and olive colours doing well on floating or sink tip lines.  The dam wall has started to produce fish and the area in front of the cabin and burn end feature in the catch returns.   The fishing outlook looks good for this weekend.



The weather looked challenging on Saturday morning with blustery conditions and rain in the afternoon.   Despite this – anglers had a good day with plenty of action to be found at the burn end.   Mick Mulgrew beat his all time record with 27 fish on a pink duck under a bung.  Others took fish on a variety of lures fished slowly.  The catch returns over the last week feature a large variety of flies; blobs, diawl bachs, dancers and damsels.


Fishing has improved tremendously over the last week with lots of anglers getting double figure returns.  Regulars Kenny & Billy enjoyed a bumper session last Saturday with over 40 fish between them.   Both positioned themselves at the shallow end near the burn and obviously hit the right location as they took fish after fish.  The fish were taken with a mixture of flies ranging from a Yellow Dancer to buzzers.  Mick Mulgrew eventually encouraged them to move (reluctantly) out of the hotspot and also enjoyed some frantic action.   The boats found it more challenging as the fish seem to prefer the shallower water at this time of year.   However, fish have been taken in all areas with the small bay opposite the cabin , in front of the cabin and the dam all producing good returns.



The fishery has been quite quiet this week and the weather has been on the cold side.   Anglers braving the elements have had fish with a variety of tactics: worms under bungs, diawl bachs, bubble caddis and a variety of lures have all featured in the catch returns.  The burn end has produced most fish but other have been caught in front of the cabin and the far bank.   We’re loading up with a new batch of fish today just in time for the weekend.  The weather also looks warmer – looking forward to seeing more anglers dust their fishing gear down and visit over the weekend…..



First fish of the season was a nice 8lb approx rainbow caught by Krystian Zebrowski on a golden olive hot head damsel, using an intermediate line. Fishing started slow with morning being pretty unproductive, the wind dropped just after lunch and all anglers who fished late into the afternoon were treated to a decent amount of sport.

It’s been quiet over the rest of the week with the weather being cold with varied winds.  The weekend looks more settled but remaining cold.



Season opens on 1st March and we’ve organised some fine new specimens to join the overwintered residents.

Look forward to seeing you the