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Steve Culbert – Our Regular Casting Instructor.

Next dates for FREE casting lessons – 14th April, 5th May, 2nd June, 14th July, 4th August

10am – 2pm

Steve Culbert Casting Instructor

Steve Culbert Casting Instructor

Another two hooked –  Father and Son team the Robertson’s took advantage of Steve’s four hour introduction to fly fishing, During the session they were shown how to set up and given an introductory casting lesson. The fishing started with an overview of different flies and ways to fish them – it wasn’t long before they settled on the dry fly with some good results. The flies that caught most of the fish were a CDC Hopper and a Sugar Cube. 

Steve is a qualified Salmon and Trout Association National Instructor and has held this certificate for fifteen years.

He is qualified to teach both Salmon and Trout casting so if you ever fancy learning how to Spey cast you now know who to see. For more experienced anglers a short session with Steve can iron out any bad habits you’ve picked up and add yards to your casting reach.

Steve’s Top tip….

“There is one tip I would give to every fisherman (I suppose that should be fisher person) wear glasses
I still see fishers not wearing glasses a fly in the eye and its goodbye to your sight.”

To improve your success at Loganlea – Steve can teach you:

  • how to cast in windy conditions,
  • how not hit the wall or phone wires on the back cast
  • and how to stop getting tailing loops probably better know as wind knots

He will even teach the dreaded double haul to improve your distance –
….which when shown how is not that dreaded

“The free casting dates are for anglers who are fishing on the day, for anyone who has a problem and wants to turn up for a lesson. These dates cannot be booked for an individual lessons, which means that it can get quite busy therefore I am unable to spend as much time with anyone who needs a bit more help.
I am also receiving emails from people asking if they can have a lesson on their own, the price of these lessons are £35 an hour. If you want to fish after your lesson you would need to purchase a permit.
I will also be holding introduction to fly fishing lessons the cost of these will be £75 per person this will cover the price of a permit, rod hire and a 4 hour lesson. These lessons will be limited to one or two persons per lesson.”

If you would like to book a lesson or require any other information you can call me on 07592886942,  email s.culbert1@sky.com”  or check out my website at www.tweedfishinginstructor.co.uk

Trout casting: there are two main casts the basic overhead and the roll cast all other casts are variations of these.

Check out Steve’s new website for further information about casting lessons and guide services: www.tweedfishinginstructor.co.uk