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2017 reports


We will stay open for November for fishing by any method for entire month (bank only). Price will be £25 and there is no limit on fish you keep. From 9am untill Dark – Catch and Release tickets are still available for fly fishing. Last year November provided some great sport so don’t miss out.




Fishing has been good over the last few days with many anglers getting into double figures. The slight drop in temperature seems to have brought the fish on. Fish have been taken on dries, FABs and buzzers using sink tip or floating lines. The dam and far bank have been productive but fish have also been taken from the shallow end and other parts of the water. Black buzzers, Halo FABs, Daddies and Yellow Owls are all doing well.



The fish were caught on a variety of tactics last weekend – FABs, Dries, Bloodworms, Bugs.   it was difficult to find any consistent method that worked well so anglers resorted to changing flies in an effort to see what might work well.   The shallow end yielded the best results and locals Marco and Mick did well on a sqirmy worm (orange) and white bug about 3ft under a bung.  Lots of fish showed for short periods and I managed to pick one up on a foam daddy but the fish quickly went off when the wind strengthened.



Last Saturday started off with heavy rain but things brightened up for spells throughout the day.   Consequently, there were periods of surface action when the fish were active during hatches of small flies, followed by periods when the fish were deeper.   The wet weather also brought the midges out in force and Skin so soft or repellent was necessary for bank anglers.    I started off at the burn end and one or two anglers were quickly into fish with Dries – Daddies, sedges and yellow owls all attracted action.   I tried FABs and buzzers before eventually switching to dries – by this time the weather had changed and the fish were less active.  I had more luck at the Dam end using a Hares Ear and landed a 3lb+ fish after a good fight.    Karen’s husband Ian had taken a few fish in front of the Cabin using a yellow owl and some of the boats also did well with dries.

The heather is now in full bloom and Loganlea looks at it’s best – You would never think that you’re only a few miles from Edinburgh.



Most fish have been taken with small nymphs – diawl bachs, crunchers and hares ears on midge tip lines with FABs on the point.    The dam hasn’t been fishing well until Friday when one angler picked up 8 fish using a sinking line with lures.   Most fish have been taken close to the edges but spread over the water when a hatch occurs.


It rained all day yesterday and was quite cold for the middle of summer.  Fishing was challenging in the conditions and there was no consistency to what worked.  Mick Mulgrew caught a fish early on with an orange Apps bloodworm and others also had success with varieties of bloodworm.  I managed to hook into a good fish at the Dam on a cormorant but it managed to escape after a few minutes!.   Others picked up fish on grey and black buzzers.    There’s quite a few larger fish that have been stocked over the last few weeks that are still to feature in the returns.    Hopefully the weather will become more settled and encourage more surface activity.



Saturday started out well with light winds but the wind increased during the day and this combined with bright sunshine made fishing challenging.  The top tactic was buzzers fished static on a long leader – I had some success with a yellow buzzer and regular Marco did well with a green Okay Dokay.   The weather has been very variable over the last couple of weeks and it looks more settled over the remainder of the month.



The strong winds at the weekend spoiled the fishing but Brian Ferrier provided an entertaining account of the corporate day from the previous week along with lots of photographs.  Follow this link to see Brian’s write up of events: http://www.ferrierpumps.co.uk/fishing2017.html

A big thanks to Brian and everyone involved for a great day out!



About 40 Anglers turned up for the Ferrier pumps open day on Friday.  The weather was kinder than usual and most of the participants caught good numbers of fish.   The top anglers crept into double figures with muddlers, suspender buzzers  and hoppers on the bank opposite the cabin.  The fish were quite close to the shore and were all taken using surface tactics.    I tried the dam for a while and was rewarded with my largest fish of the year (just over 12lbs) on a cormorant using an intermediate line.   The fish gave a good account of itself and was safely returned –  there are quite a few larger fish that were introduced earlier in the year that are still to feature in the returns.



Things looked promising on Saturday with lots of fish rising first thing but the wind strengthened and the fish became less active as the day went on.    Mick Mulgrew did well on lures at the shallow end with a yellow dancer and damsel on floating line tempting fish.  Others had some success on buzzers and FABs but the nymphs that had been successful earlier in week didn’t bring the same results.   Dry flies also attracted interest earlier in the day but the fresher weather slowed things down.   Fishing over the rest of the week has generally been good with a mix of tactics bringing success – suggest visitors ask when they visit for the latest update.



We received a good quantity of first rate blue and tiger trout last Friday and the fishing was described as “ELECTRIC” by some of the anglers.   The fish were very active and just about every fly was chased by the fish.  The most successful flies were back hoppers, dawl bachs, cormorants and small black lures on floating lines.   Fish were active in all areas and some good catches were taken on dries.    I decided to try my luck on Monday, which brought a dramatic change in the weather and discovered the fishing became more challenging.  After starting off with small black flies I changed to a muddler and got one or two takes with no hook ups.   Two anglers in float tubes were doing well with back hoppers at the shallow end so I decided to move to the dam and change tactics after lunch.   I was joined by Ian who quickly got action on a sugar cube and CDC hopper with lots of takes and two solid hook ups.   There was lots of activity from the fish but it was difficult to match whatever they were taking.    Other anglers had success on muddlers and small lures.  Fishing over the last couple of days has picked up again and things look positive for the weekend.   There’s plenty of fly life around so the fish will continue to be active.



The fishing has continued to be excellent with lots of anglers getting up to double figures.  Last Saturday started well with anglers getting action on diawl bachs and nymphs.  The wind then got up and seemed to put the fish off.  However, one or two anglers changed to lures and had good returns.   The fish are lively and were hoping to see more top of the water action over the next few weeks.   Anglers last Saturday also witnessed at first hand how important it is for walkers to keep their dogs on the lead – A walker came off the hill with a large dog that then proceeded to chase a lamb.  To everyone’s horror the lamb jumped into the water and the dog followed.   Fortunately, a quick witted angler was able to manoeuvre his boat between the lamb and the dog, which then retreated.   The angler was able to rescue the lamb and bring it back to the bank safely.

All areas are fishing well and the best lines are floating or midge tip, Diawl Bachs, Black lures, Yellow Dancers, Hot Head Damsels, Black buzzers and Biscuit FABs are all doing well.


Last Saturday fished well with a number of anglers getting to double figures with different tactics.  Mayfly nymphs, buzzers and biscuit blobs all produced good numbers of fish.   The fish are in fine condition and can be found in the top 5 feet of water so midge tip or floating lines are best tactics.   The boats are now doing well – James Raeburn sent us a nice photo of a tiger after getting 18 to the boat this week (see photo on side bar).  Oliver Mayhew had a great day on his first visit and sent us a nice email and photo – see the full story on our Facebook Page.     Outlook looks good for this Saturday…!



The weather has been extremely changeable over the last couple of weeks but fishing has been good.  The clubs on Saturday had a good day with 23 anglers keeping 56 fish and some returning quite a few on catch and release.   One or two larger fish have featured in the returns but quite a few of the double figure specimens are yet to feature in the returns. A real mixture of flies have been working well – Boobies, Damsels, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Blood Worms and FABs.   Most fish have been taken on floating and intermediate lines.  I’d suggest that anglers ask Karen what’s working best when they visit because the tactics have been so variable.

Free casting lessons are available on the last Sunday of the month from Stevie Culbert.   Stevie’s happy to provide casting tips for any anglers ranging from beginners to experienced (It’s never to late to learn something new – roll cast, double hall, casting into the wind or just avoiding the telegraph poles!).   Why not catch up with Stevie this sunday.




The fish are now well spread over the reservoir and are in prime condition.  I met up with Mick and joined regular Marco at the burn end.  He had started 15 mins ahead of us and had already been broken and lost 3 fish by the time we arrived.  I kicked off with a hares ear and 2 small buzzers and got takes straight away – landing them was more of a challenge!  Mick did well on a traffic light buzzer and managed 3 fish before I landed and released one.  Marco was fishing a blue damsel and attracting lots of takes.  The fish were lying about 4-6 feet down so a midge tip or slow intermediate worked best.

The fish went off slightly as the wind strengthened so we decided to try the dam after lunch.  We met up with 2 anglers who told us that they had lots of action with Ally McCoist and damsels.  A quick switch to lures brought action on black rabbits with intermediate lines.  I then decided to try a bung with a black and red buzzer and was rewarded with a decent fish.   Mick was now on 9 fish and was determined to get into double figures –  I had to leave early so I’ll let you know in next weeks report if he achieved his target.    The area in front of the cabin was also fishing well and anglers did well on buzzers with red or green cheeks.   Thought I’d also mention Marco’s fishing blog – Fly Life which he recently started – www.flylife2017.wordpress.com you’ll find extensive reports about Loganlea and some great photos.




The fishing this week has been excellent with anglers catching fish on buzzers, lures and nymphs.   Black buzzers with green or orange cheeks, hot head damsels and hares ears all feature in the returns and the fish are now better spread over the reservoir.   Floating or midge tip lines have been most successful but intermediates combined with lures also produced results.  The fishing last weekend was more challenging with the bright weather putting fish off.  A good stocking of new fish was introduced on Thursday and this should help keep things lively.  The fishery is now open until 6.30 in the evening.



Most anglers have been catching fish on a variety of tactics – Bloodworms, OKayDokays, Buzzers, Hot Head Damsels, White Rabbits.. have all featured in the catch returns.  The burn end continues to provide the best action, although the area in front of the cabin and the far bank have also accounted for fish.   Fish have been taken near the surface as well as on sinking and fast intermediate lines – ask others on the day to find out what’s working best.    A traffic light buzzer and red squirmy worm combination produced good results (10+fish) for one angler on Saturday.


The first day of the new season kicked off on Saturday and some anglers did exceptionally well with Hot Head Damsels and lures.   The freshly stocked fish all headed for the burn end and anglers who were there early enough had a terrific day with some getting well into double figures.   I tried the far bank with Mick Mulgrew in the morning and found the fish harder to locate.  We tried the area in front of the cabin just after lunch and Mick hooked a lively 7lb+ fish which gave a really good account of itself before being released.   We then headed back to the burn end and met up with regulars Kenny & Billy.  Kenny managed 3 fish on a Diawl Bach and I had some success with an orange FAB.    The stocking included quite a few double figure fish and a good number between 5 and 10lbs and all anglers reported that the fish were lively and fought well.   The boats also picked up some fish but not in the same quantities as the bank anglers.



Looking forward to seeing folks this Saturday for the opening day of 2017.  We’re stocking some fine specimens in advance and hope to see some overwintered fish feature in the returns.

Just a reminder that it’s fly fishing only and we open at 9am.