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Fishing Report 16/04/2019

Fishing has been excellent despite the cold weather and many anglers have got well into double figures. Some great reports about how lively the fish are! Quite a few anglers losing fish with poorly tied knots or lighter tippet. We’ve also introduced quite a few larger fish in the 7lb+ range over the last few weeks and one or two of these have surprised anglers.

Regular Marco visited last Friday and put up the following report on his blog Flylifescotland:

” This week again has seen a good change in the weather although still cold it has been a fair bit warmer the last few days, and on that note i finally had a good weather forecast for my days off work this week. Today i headed to my favourite local water Loganlea Fishery, on arrival this morning around 9am the temps where around 6-8 but with a slight SW wind there was still a chill coming on the back of the breeze, possibly a bit bright some may say but again as i always say the sun does not put the fish off up there if anything they react better to it some days but with a bit scattered clouds today it was looking just perfect. After a quick catch up and a brew i headed out for a few cast’s outside the hut but felt i would be better positioned up the shallow end so headed up that direction. Set up today to start was a Hare’s lug with a gold bead on the point and black hot ass buzzer and an olive buzzer fished on a floater with the wind pulling it round and a slight retrieve just keeping in touch with the line, took me a bit time to find the right depth to start a slow figure of eight but started to get knocks around 10ft then starting to land a few nice fish. The wind had picked up a bit more by lunch time and was a bit more of a change every 20 mins going from bright to dull then bright then windy then flat then windy again and i felt the chill that came with the wind had defo put them down a bit again so a quick change of lines to a 5ft midge midge tip same set up but changed the point fly to a black nymph with a bead which proved to get some great attention and landing me another few quality fish all in had 11 Stunning Rainbows and a fantastic day up the hills as always cheers to Karen at Loganlea once again for a great day. Tight lines FLS “

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