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Loganlea Fishery Report 25/4/22

Saturday provided my first opportunity to fish Loganlea for a few weeks after club trips to Menteith, Stenhouse and Glencorse. I’m delighted to report that the fishing at Loganlea ranks with the very best – the fish are in great condition and provide a real challenge when hooked. The weather on Saturday started off cold and overcast with a strong wind but did brighten up as the day progressed. I headed for the burn end with Mick Mulgrew and decided to start with buzzers on a floating line with Mick opting for the bung. I was quickly into a fish with a green and black buzzer on my second dropper and Mick had several takes with a white bug about 5 feet under his bung. Mick quickly moved ahead and had 8 fish by lunch time in comparrison to my 5. The fish as mentioned prevously are in first class condition and provided great sport. We both encountered larger fish and Mick was broken by what looked a specimen fish. After lunch, I tried the far bank with an intermediate line and small black lure. The new tactics quickly brought me up to double figures with lots of missed takes and follows. All round it was a great session and firm reminder about how good a day at Loganlea can be – the very best surroundings and fishing only a few miles from Edinburgh. The fish in the picture was caught earlier in the month by regular Marco and demonstrates just how good the quality of fish is.

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