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Loganlea Fishing Report 14th April 18

The weather as predicted was slightly warmer but the water temperature is still quite low – As verified by those that were brave enough to try a bit of wading.   I ventured up on Saturday with Mick Mulgrew and was encouraged by a lively start with 3 fish in the first 15 minutes or so.   We started at the shallow end and I picked up 2 fish on a hot head damsel then one on a small white lure with a floating line.   The fish then seemed to switch of for a while as the bright sun put them down deeper.

I then moved round to the far bank and connected with 5 fish on a red and white bug fished on a slow figure of eight before the fish switched off again.   However, I manged to pick up another couple to take me into double figures and all of the fish were in great condition with good tails and fought extremely hard.   A great day all round and the scenery looked even more impressive than normal.

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